Wirkman Virkkala is an editor and writer living in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest. An American of Finnish extraction, he was known to many readers of the first twelve years of Liberty magazine (now LibertyUnbound.com) by his initials, “TWV”; his writings have appeared under his own moniker in print media such as Reason, American Enterprise, and the late, lamented Loompanics Catalog. Now a freelance professional, he has survived without a salaried position for over a decade. He has recently written a series of forewords to eBook editions of individualist classics, for Laissez Faire Books.

And yes, you guessed it: he is a supporter of the ideal that some dub “laissez faire capitalism,” the form of capitalism that is hardest to convince politicians to support. He regards the rigors of laissez faire the best form of business regulation, and the only one compatible with a rule of law. It also serves as a form of political regulation — the wisest anti-corruption program yet devised.

Not to put too fine a point on it, Wirkman Virkkala is a pre-pomo pro-bourgeois boho individualist.

Virkkala has stated his philosophy while standing on one foot; he has staked out his own territory within the libertarian movement as a “LocoFoco agnarchist”; a secular humanist, he has been known to list his religion as “Mac user since 1987”; he has blogged since his first days online, with only some of that old material incorporated here.

Wirkman Netizen is the name of Virkkala’s previous blog. He has re-dubbed this WordPress site, his current effort, “Discriminations.” The domain name discriminations.info points to this WordPress site. There is at least one other blog called “Discriminations.” They are not to be confused.

This will probably be the only page on this site where he refers to himself in the third person. We can all be happy about that. The insignia, at right, is his personal logo: a squared Yin/Yang symbol. “The Tao that can be spoken of is not the true Tao, but a reasonable facsimile.”

Send him a message on Facebook, or Like his political page, LocoFoco.US. For more info and links, see wirkman.com, a Tumblr blog that mirrors to Twitter and reflects both personal and professional interests, and links to whatever goes up on this site, Discriminations, too.

His oldest surviving domain name, InsteadOfABlog.com, now points to this site’s IoaB section (see above). Other projects will also be listed on this page as they come to leaf, if not full fruit.